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Ham radio is my hobby since of my 12 years. The first QSO I made at the now non-existent under the brand Radio Club TIBA OK1KPX. I remember the beautiful field days from hill Bezděz and the first races at KV. Tests on its own concession had passed in 1968. The examination of telegraphy I passed the famous ham OK1CX. I had a brand OK1FAR assigned until 1981. From 08/01/1981 OK1TN use. The main activity is participation in the shortwave contests and establishing a connection with as many countries. After the November changes and opportunities to travel, I along with others founded OKDXF. Czech amateur foundation in 1998 under the sign we made ​​the first amateur expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Each expedition with a radio described on these pages in the section EXPEDITION.

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